Last year, Microsoft announced they will no longer support FrontPage Extensions for UNIX/Linux servers. (Seven Sages runs Linux on it's servers). Microsoft stopped their support in June 2006.

We have been supporting the extensions as long as possible, cautious of security and support issues. As the Internet community has no plans of offering support, and Microsoft itself has discontinued the FrontPage product even for Windows, Seven Sages will no longer support FrontPage.

This is from the Microsoft site:

What happened to FrontPage?

After nine years of being an award-winning Web authoring tool, FrontPage will be discontinued in late 2006. We will continue to serve the diverse needs of our existing FrontPage customers with the introduction of these three brand-new application building and Web authoring tools using the latest technologies, Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Designer 2007 for the enterprise information workers, Microsoft® Expression™ Web for the professional Web designer and Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 for the Web developer.

As there are still some websites that haven't been updated in a few years, and use FrontPage, now might be the time to think about re-designing your site. This past year we have redesigned/modernized many sites from FrontPage to Joomla. Joomla makes it easier for you to update your own site without having to worry about buying software and installing it on your computer. (how many of you have had to reinstall FrontPage on a new computer or two over the years?)

If your site is using FrontPage, you have several options.

  1. Wait For Microsoft Expression Web Design
    Unfortunately, this software is not officially released yet. You can download the trial version from their website and try converting your site. There will probably be limited or no built in functions like Shared Borders, Navigation Bars, Form submissions and any other functions that used FrontPage's 'web-bots'.
    To utilize Microsofts yet-to-be-released products to their fullest, you will need to move your website to an updated Windows Server. We do not offer Windows hosting.
  2. Continue to use FrontPage, but move to a host that offers FrontPage extensions.
    Make sure it is a Windows Server. Any host offering FrontPage on a Unix/Linux server will eventually have to discontinue support. This will give you a little more time to decide your next move. But, remember that Microsoft itself has discontinued FrontPage (as of December 2006).
  3. Continue Using FrontPage on UNIX, but WITHOUT using the server extensions.
    If you are used to FrontPage, and just can't do without it (refuse to learn something new), then you still have the option to upload your site using FrontPage's built-in FTP client.
    You can build your website in FrontPage locally on your computer and have FrontPage FTP it to your site. (check the help file in FrontPage to see how this is done.) Your FTP login is usually the same as what you were using for FrontPage. Note that special FrontPage features like Forms and Hit Counters will not work.
  4. Redesign your site using something from this Century. :)
    FrontPage is from the 1990's (even if it says 2003 on the box). It relies on technology that even Microsoft has given up on. Early reviews of their new editing software is positive, though a little late to the party. Now is the perfect time to look at Blogs and Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla.

Bottom line:
You MUST STOP using Front Page Extensions

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.